Do good

Hey Friends! I’ve got a question for you this week… Since when is holding a kid when they want to be held considered bad parenting? As parents, we all have this feeling of entitlement when it comes to our kids, I mean… we DID agree to raise them and be their parents for the rest of our lives. But sometimes, we are very quick to turn on another parent because their way of parenting is different from ours. This has to stop! No parent should have to feel less-than because they chose to bed-share with their kids. Nor should any parent have to feel hesitant when answering the simple question, “why is your baby still waking up during the night?” That parent should feel proud to say that her 15 month old still wakes up briefly at night because she’s …

Becoming courageous

Hey friends! I am excited about writing to you this week! This weekend at church was pretty incredible. My Pastor, Steven Furtick, was talking about Joshua this weekend. His entire sermon was talking about courage and how God has given us such a huge vocabulary of faith, yet we still find ourselves speaking discouragement over our lives. This really hit home for me as a mom, so I thought I would share my thoughts with you, because more than likely, you have probably felt the same way. So I’m just going to jump right in!