Co-sleeping thoughts from a mom who has only ever co-slept

Co-sleeping is such a hot topic right now. I guess as the world gets more boring, there have to be new controversies coming up to keep people entertained. I’ve been a mom for going on 11 years now (whoa.) We have two (three) kids, our ten-year-old “little” girl, our almost-three-year-old little “man”, and “baby bruhler” is on the way (March 2018). I chose co-sleeping for both of my kids (one of which is still in the bed with us) and they both seemed to have turned out a-okay.

Co-sleeping thoughts from a mom who has only ever co-slept | Wondering if co-sleeping is for you? You definitely want to hear these thoughts from a mom who's co-slept with all of her babies.

Now, I’m not completely naive. There are absolutely some parents who should always, from day one, keep their kids in a separate bed. No judgment, just fact.

I just don’t see why the big controversy over co-sleeping when the mom is a 100% healthy, functioning, intelligent human being. I’m not tooting my own horn by any means, but I do pride myself on not being a deadbeat mother; as any mom who doesn’t put herself before her children should. I am 1,000% devoted to my little tykes and would literally do anything in the world for them to have everything they need and some of what they want.

In my opinion, that’s the difference in a mom who chooses to co-sleep and rolls over on top of her baby and a mom who chooses to co-sleep, safely.

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This is a no judgment zone. I totally get that some parents just don’t want their kids in their bed with them, or even in their room with them. That is perfectly okay. You do you and what’s best for your family. But for the sake of this article, I’m going to assume you want to co-sleep with one or all of your kids.

Here are a few things I’ve learned throughout my years as a co-sleeping parent to make co-sleeping with infants safer:

Make sure that co-sleeping is something you have the desire to do.

Don’t just co-sleep because it sounds trendy. As with anything else in life, if you aren’t happy doing it, you won’t keep doing it, or you’ll start to resist it. The reason I started co-sleeping with my newborn is that I am a sucker for attachment parenting. When I’m not sitting and holding my baby, I’m wearing my baby. I love being a mom who has the opportunity to be right there when my baby needs me. For this reason, I chose to bring my first born to bed with me as a newborn. And I loved it.

Don’t worry about sleeping through smothering your baby.

This is one of the biggest (and dumbest) worries that a mom has – in my personal opinion. Again, assuming you’re a smart, loving, sacrificial, and healthy mom who has chosen to co-sleep aside from it being trendy, you are not going to roll over on top of your baby in the middle of the night. You are going to, surprisingly, sleep the lightest you have ever slept in your life. Even if you’ve always been a heavy sleeper (like me). The slightest movement, sound, or breath your baby makes will cause you to arise from your slumber and make sure everything’s okay.

Now, again, I emphasize being healthy. Not being a physically fit, size zero mom, but healthy as in a mom who doesn’t have sleep disorders, take strong medications, use breathing machines, etc.

If you choose to co-sleep, you’ve got to have tough skin.

First and foremost, you’ve got to get your spouse on board. If he’s not 100% supporting your co-sleeping efforts, then he won’t have your back when someone is trying to “talk sense” into your life as a mom. Luckily, I am married to the most compassionate guy who (even though he would never admit it) loves that our toddler still kicks him in the back at night. He always has my back when it comes to the decisions that we’ve made as parents. But that’s the key, we made those parenting decisions together.

Now, I’m not saying that just because your husband is on board, everything will be a walk in the park. Nope, you still need to develop that thick skin. Because co-sleeping is a hot topic these days, everybody and their brother will have an opinion about why they think you’re putting your kid in danger when you co-sleep.

At the end of the day, you have to be able to take what “advice” people choose to throw your way with a grain of salt. When you make a decision, especially a controversial decision, like co-sleeping you will always meet people who chose to take their stance on the other side of the fence. Most importantly, you have to be okay with what other parents want to do with their kiddos, just like you expect them to be okay with the decisions you’ve made with yours.

You know the whole debate on breast versus bottle… At the end of the day, fed is best. Put that same perspective on co-sleeping. Whether in bed with you or in a co-sleeper in your bed. In a bassinet in your room or at the other end of the hallway on a monitor. Sleep is best. For you AND baby.

Have you co-slept with your babies? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave them in the comments below!

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Co-sleeping thoughts from a mom who has only ever co-slept | Wondering if co-sleeping is for you? You definitely want to hear these thoughts from a mom who's co-slept with all of her babies.

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