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I’ve got a gift for you at the end of this post, it will help you do good.

Hey Friends! I’ve got a question for you this week… Since when is holding a kid when they want to be held considered bad parenting?

As parents, we all have this feeling of entitlement when it comes to our kids, I mean… we DID agree to raise them and be their parents for the rest of our lives. But sometimes, we are very quick to turn on another parent because their way of parenting is different from ours. This has to stop! No parent should have to feel less-than because they chose to bed-share with their kids. Nor should any parent have to feel hesitant when answering the simple question, “why is your baby still waking up during the night?” That parent should feel proud to say that her 15 month old still wakes up briefly at night because she’s still honored to have the opportunity to nurse him at night. Since when does becoming a parent, give you the right to question another parent’s choices?

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This isn’t a bashing post, an angry post, or a trying-to-solve-world-peace post.

Simply, it’s a personal response to how I’ve witnessed parents (new and old) treating other parents.

Here’s a small story about me. I’m a very cuddly mommy. I love when my kids want to snuggle, I love when they sleep next to me, I love when they want me over anyone else. It’s the small part of motherhood that I am pretty much obsessed with. My son has taken approximately 2,330 naps in his lifetime… (I estimated). I can probably count on one hand how many of those naps he has been laid down for. Excluding the naps he’s taken in the car, I have allowed him to nap on me for all of his life. I’ve been told multiple times that I am “spoiling” him and/or not parenting him right. I’ve even been told that I will regret all of the hours I have “wasted” holding him when I could be doing other things.

Looking back over the 15 months I have been blessed with the opportunity to be his mom, I can’t think of even ONE time that I’ve regretted holding him while he slept. There has been plenty of times I’ve updated my blog with one hand, attempted to sweep the floor with one hand, folded the laundry while balancing him just right on my arm and shoulder… but never a time that I regret not making him take naps in his bed from early on. I know that one day he’s going to curl up on a pillow on the couch and shut his eyes; and on that day I will probably just sit next to him and smile while he naps. But until that day gets here, there is nothing that takes priority more than giving my sweet boy a feeling of love, comfort, and safety while he naps.

Regardless of how much the bathroom needs to be cleaned.

I’m sharing this story about me to hopefully encourage another mom to stand up for HER way of parenting. There is no set way to be a great mommy to a child. I realize this, and I also realize that other moms will make different decisions than I do about letting their kids nap on them, sleep with them, or have a set schedule of weaning from nursing. Because I have personally experienced feeling inadequate, judged, and less-than as a mom, I would never make another mom feel that way simply because her views differ from mine; and THAT’S my entire point of this post today.

Like I said, it’s not bashing or written in anger, it’s simply (hopefully) written to encourage the mom who needs a little boost that she IS doing things correctly, her mom-o-meter is working just fine, and as long as she’s making her choices out of love and safety for her baby, she. is. a. great. mom.

Galations 6:9-10 says, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.

Being a mommy is hard work, but raising world changers is the harvest of a lifetime.

Let’s encourage other moms instead of being quick to judge them.

Let’s speak highly of the way they choose to love on their kids; whatever that looks like.

Let’s seize every opportunity to do good to everyone because everyone is worth doing good to.

I want to help you do good!

I created a pretty sweet iPhone wallpaper for you! I’ve been using it; and everytime I check my phone it reminds me to be intentional about doing good to everyone… no. matter. what. ENJOY!


  1. I was a mother who chose to home school. Try that in the middle of everyone else sending their children to public school. I wanted to give my girls the best start to their adult life that I could. I chose to keep them from all the craziness in this world as long as I could. We all have to make the best decisions for our “arrows”, and pray to God they don’t get around the wrong people. I think I did OK – other people may not think so, but God knows my heart and knows why us mothers do what we do for our loved ones. May God bless all the mothers who put God first and don’t worry about what other people think.

  2. Great post! Our society is always pointing to what they think is right and we should just follow it! I’ve had so many people say things about the way I parent and I’m pretty quick to say we all parent different and that’s alright, you do what best for you and your babies, ill do whats best for me and mine! 😀 Simple as that! We should all raise our children how God leads us and not worry about what everyone else is doing! 😀 Love you!

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